About me:

 My name is Victor Iglesias, I was born and raised in Reno NV.


Im just a guy who loves to learn and challenge himself. I Love music and guitar and i cube as my pass time :) thanks for coming!  


 I grew up playing games and watching my dad enter the music business. I never really had a hobby. I first had a hobby when I was 14 years old when I finally started getting into guitar. This was my favorite pass time. For a while this is all I did. To be honest, this is why I got on Youtube. I wanted to get onto Youtube to make guitar videos. This got put on hold when my house was being remodeled, and I had to live in two different $400,000 condos/hotels. (which is the first couple videos you see on my youtube.

 While going through the remodel and living there. I had a lot more freetime. I played shows with my band Nevermute (myspace.com/nevermute) frequently and just love it. Through playing shows I met my Girlfriend Candace (youtube.com/pestvicsbabe) I spent the first couple months hanging out with her. THIS, is where I first started The Cube.

How I Started Cubing:

 To continue the story above, My Girlfriend is the one who got me into cubing. (so all of you who love my videos and love what I do. Thank her! Subscribe to her channel Youtube.com/Pestvicsbabe) and leave a comment! :)

How i started cubing:

Like I said, I was hanging out with the babe for a while when we first started dating. One day while hanging out with her, we had to help her little brother Anthony buy a present for his friends birthday party. Well, as you know, little kids when buying presents always want one for themselves. As we were shopping Anthony was bugging Candace throughout the store with "Candace! I want a present too!" (well he was like 7).

Finally Candace Broke and said "Fine! here just take this!" *she reaches over randomly to a Rubik's Cube on the shelf and hands is to Anthony* 

Anthony, of course, seeing the amazing 6 colored puzzle in all its glory, instantly became interested and replied "OK! this is cool!"

Later that day while checking out at the register, we finish our day of shopping. When we got in the car, Anthony instantly opened his "present" and started messing with it. As we are driving away, he asks me. "Vic, I messed it up, can you fix it?"

This triggered a part of my mind that likes to know EVERYTHING, if I don't know something I HAVE to find out about it, and figure it out. (or it will eat at me). 

I replied, "I'm not sure. Not yet."

This began it all. In the long run, this led to me figuring it out, becoming addicted and started learning the cube.

Personal Bests:

Cube Times:

  • 1.xx (lucky) 4.xx (non lucky)

Avarage: around 6-9 lately


  • 13.83 (lucky) 14.xx (non lucky)
    11.03 (NON lucky) :) :) !!
  • O.H.  35.xx

Avarage: around 18-26 lately. 


  • 1:50 (never practice)
  • 1:02 (lucky)


  • 4:xx (never practice)

Cubes I own:

My Main Speedcubes:

Right now, these are my main speed cubes.


  • Pestvic Custom 1x1 mod


  • Lan Lan 2x2
  •  Eastsheen A2 (with my Spring Mod)


Two handed:
  • 3x3 black Alpha5 (Type A 5) (www.SpeedCubeShop.com)
  • 3x3 black Haiyan Memory (www.SpeedCubeShop.com)
  • 3x3 black Cube4you Tile Cube (www.cube4you.com)
  • Type F (II) (www.SpeedCubeShop.com)

One handed:

  • Type F (II) (www.SpeedCubeShop.com)
  • Type A 3x3x3 DIY Cube (V) (www.cube4you.com)
  • 3x3 white cube4you type (III) F (www.cube4you.com)
  • Type C mini (www.SpeedCubeShop.com) (thanks Chris Mcburn!)


  • Maru 4x4x4
  • Eastsheen 4x4x4 (with tiles)
  • Qj 4x4


  • YJ 5x5
  • Eastsheen 5x5x5
  • MF8 Megaminx
  •  Cube4you Gigaminx V1


  • Cube4you Teraminx V1

All Cubes: (Rest of the Collection)

Rubiks Brand:

  • Rubik's Brand x4 (Target and Walmart) (Thanks babe!)
  • Rubik's 4x4 (Frys Electronic)
  • Rubik's 2x2 Ice Cube (Frys Electronics) (Thanks babe!)
  • Rubik's Studio (original 1974-1980's) (neighbor, got it when they came out)
  • Rubik's Cube DIY Hybrid (with Cubesmith tiles) (walmart)
  • Rubik's Cube DIY Hybrid (walmart)
  • Rubik's Icon Cube x4 (1x Barnes and Noble 3x Nationals Competition)
  • Rubik's Revolution
  • Rubik's Revolution Keychain
  • 3x3 black Alpha5 (Type A 5)
  • Type Alpha Mini
  • 3x3 black Taiyan II 
  • Type F (II) 
  • Type C mini  (thanks Chris Mcburn!)
  • Lan Lan 2x2
  • QJ Magic Cube 2x3x3
  • Lan Lan 2x3x3 with springs
  • MF8 Megaminx
  • Ghost Hand I
  • Ghost Hand II
  • Type CI
  • Qj 4x4x4


  • 3x3 white Cube4you Type (III) F (Thanks Chris Mcburn!)
  • Type A 3x3x3 DIY Cube (IV)
  • Type A (A1) White
  • Type A (III) White
  • Type B Transparent
  • Type C Gold
  • Type C Silver
  • Cube4you Porcelain White
  • Cube4you Glow in the dark (Blue)
  • Cube4you Transparent
  • Cube4you Transparent (Black)
  • Cube4you Black
  • Cube4you white
  • Cube4you 3x3x4 Black
  • Cube4you 3x3x4 White
  • Cube4you 3x3x5 Black
  • Cube4you 3x3x5 White
  • Cube4you 3x3x7 Black
  • Cube4you 3x3x7 White
  • Cube4you Gigaminx Black V2
  • Cube4you Gigaminx Black V4
  • Cube4you Gigaminx White V4
  • Cube4you Teraminx Black
  • Cube4you Teraminx White
  • Cube4you Tile Cube Black Bright Tiles
  • Cube4you Tile Cube White Bright Tiles
  • Cube4you Tile Cube Black Textured Tiles
  • Cube4you Tile Cube White Textured Tiles
  • Cube4you Tile Cube Transparent

Puzzle Pros:

  • Black Type A (with Cubesmith tiles)


  • Eastsheen 2x2 A2
  • Eastsheen 4x4 A4 (with Cubesmith tiles)
  • Eastsheen 5x5 A5 (with Cubesmith tiles)
  • Eastsheen 2x2 Mini
  • 3x3 mini (Nationals)

Off Brand:

  • Sudoku Cube x2 (Thanks babe!)
  • Snake cube x2 (Thanks babe!)
  • 3 Letter word cube x2 (Thanks babe!)
  • Dot Cube x2 (Thanks babe!)


  •  GearCube


  • Pestvic 1x1 Black
  • Pestvic 1x1 Transparent 
  • Pestvic Eastsheen A5 DIY Mod (Thanks Esquimalt!)

 I'm sure there is a lot more. I just haven't gotten around to putting them in there yet.

I'll recheck my collection soon.

but stay tuned for vids on reviews on each one :)